Wrapping up 2006!

So, it?s been a little over a month since I last posted, and I feel bad?.but I?m one busy eagle!!! Between Thanksgiving and the winter holiday season, this big bird has been flying all over the DC area, and has been eating a lot
Since my last post, I?ve been to a rehearsal dinner, the American Diabetes Walk and a few birthday parties in between. I also headed out with my President friends, Abe and George, to open the new Nationals Team Store at White Flint Mall, and have been seen holiday shopping downtown at the Nationals Team Store at Washington Square as well (although, it?s hard to find XXXXXL shirts for my extra-fluffy mascot friends).

But my favorite thing about this time of year is spreading holiday cheer! I flew my way over to the National Rehabilitation Hospital last week with Ryan Zimmerman and Brian Schneider to visit with the kids there and hand out some holiday gifts. There?s nothing better for this eagle than seeing smiles on kids? faces. We handed out hats, Mr. Washington Teddy Bears and other gear to fans young and old, and took a lot of pictures, which I?ll share soon! Ryan even said I was the fan favorite that day! I?ll also flew to Children?s Hospital tomorrow to hang out with Santa and hand out some more gifts this holiday season.

But Hanukkah?s here and Christmas and New Year?s are coming up soon, and I?m looking forward to some fun times here in DC?I got to head down to the White House to help light the National Christmas Tree this year again!! Pretty cool I get to head over to the President?s House! I?m just going to spend this holiday relaxing, opening gifts (The Nat Pack got me my own copy of MLB2K6 on Xbox and 10 lbs of gummy worms) and reading my e-mail and holiday cards! I?ll be back with more stories and fun in January, but until then, feel free to write me @ screech@nationals.com and Happy Holidays!!

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