April 2008

Three Years Old!

It’s amazing how time flies!  Team comes back from being on the road, I turn 3 years old last week and we win another exciting game on a walk-off homerun!!!  It’s crazy.

Yes, your little eagle here turned 3 last week, and boy I’m happy to be growing up!  I spent my birthday watching the team play the Mets in the big apple, then got thinking about food and had some gummy worms and a Ben’s Chilli Dog for dinner.  I spent the rest of the night watching movies in my nest (sadly, I can’t use the 1,000 foot big screen to watch) and playing video games in the Playstation 3 Pavilion all night!  The Presidents surprised me with some gifts and the grounds crew let me run around on the field.  It’s the perfect birthday, and I’m hoping some of my fine furry friends get to celebrate with me before the homestand is over!!!!

I also spent the past couple weeks having fun with fans too!  I entertained some VIPs at the park during dinner in the PNC Diamond Club and then headed over to do some bowling at George Washington University’s campus in the Hippodrome.  Those college kids know how to bowl!

Well, after taking two of three from those Cubbies we’re going up against those Braves again and then the Pirates….I called the Parrot the other day to tell him we’re going to beat them!  He’s one crazy bird!

Until next week, have fun and I’ll see you at the games…free t-shirts tonight and Dmitri Young Bobbleheads this weekend!  Get your tickets now for some fun baseball at nationals.com!

GO NATS!!!!!!


Opening Week 2008!

There’s nothing better then the sweet smell of freshly cut grass, the sound of the crack of the bat, and the taste of half smokes on the grill!  That means only one thing….Opening Day!

It’s been a whirlwind week everyone as we kicked off baseball in DC for 2008 and at my lovely new nest…I mean the team’s lovely new home, Nationals Park.  It was a packed house of over 40,000 people and many more on ESPN as we beat the Braves with my man Ryan Zimmerman’s bottom-of-the ninth home run to win the game.  For this almost 4 year old eagle, it was one of the most exciting baseball games I had seen.  And, better yet, I was only 30 feet from the President when he threw out the first pitch!  I think we’re best buddies, since he has had me over to his house many times…I flew over for the Easter Egg Roll a few weeks ago, so it was only right to invite him to my house too.

But I’ve been one busy eagle to, as I’ve been flying all over the DC area having fun with fans young and old.  Besides Opening Day of our season, I helped open up little league seasons this past weekend, including my friends at Alexandria Potomac, who just happened to have the best team take a picture with me!

Screech Canada resize.jpg
I also got a chance to help out at the MS Walk in downtown DC this weekend and get a sweet picture at the Canadian Embassy which you can check out below!  They kept saying that my buddy ACE was the better bird up in Toronto, but we’ll see….

Well, it’s back to the field as I get ready for tonight’s game against the Marlins as we continue the homestand until Sunday, and make sure you come get your magnet schedule and car flag this week because they look super cool!  You can always get tickets at nationals.com or gameday tickets at the box office.

Catch you all next week, and congrats to my fine furry friends Gwiz and Slapshot on their playoffs!

Go Nats!!