Here in Taiwan!

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After spending one night in LA, I boarded the charter flight to Taiwan this morning.  Or was that yesterday?  Maybe  it was even two days ago considering how long it felt.  But regardless, after a 14.5 hour flight, we finally touched down in Taipei, Taiwan!  The plane we flew on was the largest plane I’ve ever seen.  It had two sections of first class along with two sections of coach.  We were able to sit wherever we wanted to, even lay down on the floor to sleep which some people took advantage of.  All in all, the flight was as quick as 14.5 hours could be.

When we first got off the plane in Taiwan, we were greeted with hundreds, maybe thousands of Taiwanese baseball fans seeking an autograph or even a high five from their favorite players.  As we walked through the airport and through customs, we had photos taken of us the entire walk.  It was a pretty awesome experience to say the least.

When we got to our buses parked outside, we had a police escort bring us to our hotel which is right across the street from Taiwan’s most famous building, Taipei 101.  Tonight I’ll be resting the feathers after a long journey across the world, but tomorrow is training day and we’ll all be heading over to Hsin Chuang Baseball Stadium in the afternoon.  I hope to get some better pictures to share with you tomorrow, but for now, have a look at a few pics I was able to snap on our way over here.

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