My Very 1st Post!

Hey Nats fans out there in the computer world, this is your best buddy Screech and I finally got a hold of my very own blog!  The folks at the Nationals and MLB are kind enough to give me this space, and the Nat Pack let me use their office (since the nest is without a computer, but has a big TV!), so I thought it was about time I get something going!

It was an awesome year at RFK for me and the team this year…’s just a sample of some of the amazing things that happened this past season!!

~I got my new red alternate jersey (size XXXXXL is what the tag says)
~I celebrated my first birthday (1 eagle year equals 5 human years)
~I had my own End of Summer Party with my very own bobblebelly!  Check out my pals Mr. Met, Ace and The Orioles Bird at my partyDsc_1861_5
~And I got to go to Camden Yards for the interleague games vs the Orioles.  I had plenty of Nats fans there to cheer me on!
~I went to the All Star Game for the second time, and it was in Pittsburgh!  I got to hang out on the Mascot Cruise with Slider from the Indians, Baxter from the Diamondbacks and Southpaw from the White Sox (gotta ask him to show you his ring) and play on the dugouts and work the Pre-Game Party and watch the game!
~Alfonso Soriano just ran ran ran and made it into the 40-40 Club…the owners gave him a nice big shiny trophy too!
~Ryan Zimmerman was AWESOME, and hit that big home run against the Yankees!
~The Lerner Family opened up the stadium with Paint the Town Red and welcomed fans, who loved it!  So many red t shirts, towels and curly W hats, it was awesome!!
~I stayed up to watch the Phillies and my boys play late late late at night, and despite the yells from Phillies fans, had a great time with the fans well past my bed time, even after midnight!!
~I flew down to Tampa Bay in sunny Florida to hang out with Rangers Captain from Texas, Dinger from the Rockies and Ace from Toronto at my big blue buddy Raymond’s Mascot Mania…check it out (and check out his blog when you can!)Mascotmania

And that’s only a bit of it!  But, since it’s the off season and I’ve got no games to cheer at, people always wonder what a giant 6 foot eagle like me does with his spare time. Well, since I have this fun blog, I hope to share with you all what I’m up to during the winter months and as we gear up for Spring Training and the 2007 season!  So far, I’ve been at over 20 events since the season ended, and just got back from a trip to Mexico City for Majestic (they make jerseys), New Era (they make hats) and Major League Baseball (who make…!) with Dinger!!  I’ll tell you more about that later this week!

But when I’m not in my nest, I’m flying around the DC area making appearances, having fun and enjoying finding out more about this nation’s capitol.  I’ll post pictures, fill you in on what’s going on at the stadium, and perhaps even answer your questions!  Just drop me a line at (I got an e-mail address too!) and I’ll answer your questions and maybe put some of them up here!  But now, I’ve got to get back to my bag of gummy worms and get some sleep….I got invited to a Nationals fan’s wedding this Friday, so I have to get my beauty rest!  Until next time!



    Screech!! My Best Friend!!!. I just found out about your Blog. Glad to hear you had a good time in Mexico City!! How were the Margaritas? Mojitos? The African Queen and I miss seeing you are RFK. Maybe we shall see you sometime over the winter. I’ll keep checking back for updates. Got a Special Xmas Card coming your way–real soon. SCREECH’sBESTFRIEND

  2. Edward

    The alternate red jersey looks great on you Screech!
    I was there when Zimmerman beat the Yankees. It was my favorite ’06 moment.

    Can you please stop hanging with Mr Met?

    Mr Met is no good! Really!

    Talk Soriano into staying if you can!

    Good luck in ’07.


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