Starting the Year off Right!

I hope everybody had a terrific holiday season and a
great New Year!  I’m so excited for 2009
and already can’t wait for opening day. 
I was able to start off 2009 with some volunteering with a bunch of
employees from Nationals
Park.  The Washington Nationals’ Dream foundation
teamed up with Rebuilding Together, a non-profit organization dedicated to
improving the lives of families.  Rebuilding
together hooked us up with Angela who needed a new roof, painting, and many other
repairs to her home.  My friends at the
park who had special plumbing and carpentry skills (not me!) started the
project by re-roofing her home as well as re-storing her front and back
porches.  I was able lend a hand using my
amazing brush skills and helped paint the inside of the house!  The walls and the roof look so much better
now, and it sure feels good to help people in need.  I’ll be looking for all you Screech fans in
the community over the next couple of weeks, and hope to see you all at NatsFest
on January 25th!


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Stay warm,

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