Natsfest and the Caravan

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This weekend was the
first annual Natsfest at Nationals
Park, and boy did I have
a good time.  I’ve been waiting for this
day for so long, and it was great to see Nats fans all over

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the park in the
middle of winter!  The event included
player autograph sessions, clubhouse tours and a special Kids Zone.  I spent most the day in the Kids Zone and there
was so much to do in that room that I didn’t know where to go first!  I “rocked” the crowd after playing some
guitar (hero that is), learned that I really need to practice my tee ball
skills, bounced in one of those huge bounce house thingies, and signed a bunch
of autographs!  After spending most of
the day there, George, Tom, Abe, Teddy and I made our ways over to the Stars
and Stripes club to meet some other fans. 
Before I knew it, the event was pretty much over and everybody headed
home.  Natsfest was so much fun and got
me even more excited for opening day!


The next day I headed
out into DC along with a bunch of the players as part of the Nationals caravan.  The first place we stopped was Amidon-Bowen Elementary
School in SW Washington where
the students were treated to a special assembly.  The players

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handed out red curly “W” hats to
all of the students and stressed the importance of reading.  Next, the players each took turns reading to
the students a Dr. Suess book titled, Oh
The Places You’ll Go
.  After
the book was finished, the principle announced to the students that they were
in for a special treat that would be arriving from behind the curtain on stage
since they were behaved so well.  That
special treat was ME!  I jumped out from
behind the curtain and onto the stage. 
The students were shocked to see me! 
I did my favorite belly dance, much to everyone’s delight, and stayed
around for pictures.  I was thrilled to
see that so many of my friends were enthusiastic about reading, and I knew they’d
all have very bright futures.


After we left Amidon-Bowen
Elementary school, we were off to the
Children’s National
Medical Center.  When we got there the players and I signed
autographs and entertained the children who were staying at the hospital.  I helped a bunch of children color the “Screech
Pictures” they all had and realized most of them could color in the lines
better than I could!  It felt great to
brighten up the days of the children who all needed an extra cheering up.

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