A Basketball Natural!

Since my last post, I’ve been flying around the District like never before, visiting schools and hospitals and winning mascot basketball tournaments.  Yes that’s right, not only can I play baseball, apparantly I’m a natural at basketball as well.  The other day I entered the “Fox 5 Mascot Madness” tournament that was televised on Fox 5.  At the start of the tournament, I was ranked as the number 2 seed, only behind G-Wiz of the Washington Wizards.  I won my first two rounds and then matched up in the finals with no other than G-Wiz himself.  The crowd at Bethesda’s high school was cheering with excitement for what they new would be an intense matchup.  As predicted, the score was close but I was able to win the matchup 7-3 and took home the trophy!  I couldn’t believe that I had won the championship!  Neither could G-Wiz apparantly as he threw a “cheap-shot” punch at me which I will surely gain revenge on in the future!  Either way, I was very happy to bring the hardware and bragging rights back to Nationals Park!

Thumbnail image for MascotMadness_19_20090318091048191_640_480.jpg 

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