Last Night’s Game and an Autograph Signing this Morning

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After experiencing last night’s game, it’s very clear that people in Taiwan are very passionate about baseball.  The stadium was nearly at capacity a full hour and a half before the scheduled first pitch.  The atmosphere was electric and the people were genuinely excited to see the MLB all stars play in their home country.  Unfortunately there was a bit of a rain delay to start the game so we weren’t able to do starting lineup introductions or have me deliver the first pitch to the mayor of Taipei.  Instead, after anthems and a few speeches by VIPs including Taiwan’s president, we went directly into the game being played. 

As the game was underway, it was clear to me that not only are the people passionate about baseball, they are also just as excited to see mascots.  Wherever I went there was almost always a line of 50 or more people looking for a picture, autograph or simply a high five.  Throughout the game, I threw hats into the crowd, worked the stands and concourse and even did a magic trick turning a fan wearing a jacket into a fan wearing a Wang jersey.  The MLB all stars ended up winning the rain-shortened game by the score of 7-0 with highlights coming from a Curtis Granderson grand slam and a Michael Morse double.  It’s very clear that Michael Morse is one of the most recognized and loved player from the MLB squad.  Whenever he is introduced, there is a loud ovation.

This morning I headed to an MLB store located in the center of Taipei with Michael Morse and Ross Detwiler for an autograph signing.

 Upon arriving, there was a line of people a block long looking to have their ball, picture, or jersey signed.  When we went inside there were tens of Taiwanese reporters looking to get their questions answered.  After a short interview with Michael and Ross, the two signed autographs for about an hour.  I met all of the fans as they waited in line and even did an interview.  Check out some of the pictures below of last night’s game and this morning’s autograph signing!  Also, take a look at me in front of the Taipei 101 building, the second tallest building in the world!

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