Spring is springing!

The sweet smell of fresh grass, the crack of the bat, and getting a tan?..all sights and sounds of Spring Training!  I can?t believe it?s time to start another season here in DC and with the team in Florida, you know it?s right around the corner.  While our Nationals get set for an exciting 2007 season down in Viera, Florida, your fluffy eagle here has been living it up in DC!  I?ve been flying all over the area for a lot of events with fans, and even got to help two younger fans celebrate their birthdays?.they had some of the best cake and ice cream, but I?ve got to watch my weight;) 

But when I?m not entertaining fans this month, I?ve been preparing for the season myself.  I?ve been working with the Nat Pack on some new fun stuff for the upcoming games, have been training with the Presidents for this year?s races (Teddy did an extended program with the team in Florida) and have been practicing my driving skills in the Safeway truck for the T-shirt launch!  It?s March already, so I?ve got only a few short weeks before our first game against those Orioles here at RFK (we?ll see if my fine feathered friend the Orioles Bird dares to come down!) and then Opening Day.  I?ll have more for you in a few weeks, so keep your eyes on the blog and let?s go Nats!

Always online: screech@nationals.com!!!!! 

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