Let the Games Begin!

There’s nothing like baseball being back! It’s been a whirlwind week here for this young eagle as we opened up the 2007 season with a bang at RFK Stadium, our third year in the city and the last season at RFK! I’m going to miss calling RFK home and flying around the park, but the team’s new stadium is looking really nice…..the perfect place to build a new nest next season.
This opening homestand was great, with over 40,000 fans coming out to Opening Day and the great weather, and the free Tickets.com hats! I saw many old friends, and met a lot of new faces at the park and its sure going to be a great season. A fan even gave me copies of my own limited edition Topps baseball card for my nest……not many 2 year old eagles that can say that!

And I wasn’t the only one in flight that day as Teddy decided that all his off-season training wasn’t worth it and tried to win the Presidents Race by zip-lining in to the finish line. Too bad I had to disqualify him for illegal use of a zip line! I’m going to make sure he gets back on that treadmill and loses a few pounds (like I’m one to talk!).

And as if the 7 games were amazing to start the season, this eagle got to get up close and personal with the best house in the country?the White House. I took my Presidential friends over to the annual Easter Egg Roll on the South Lawn of the White House to play with all the kids and join in the fun. We had our pictures taken with just about everyone there, and I saw the First Lady and many Cabinet members. Check them out in the Fan Forum! Sadly, I wasn’t allowed inside the actual White House, despite the fact that I was with four former Presidents! Also, they have a no 6 foot eagle policy too!



I’m looking forward to keeping you all up to date with what’s going on with me here in my blog, and keep sending me your questions and fan mail to screech@nationals.com! Go Nats!!!!!

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