Mail Call!!!

Hey hey Nats fans!  Spring is warming up, which means summer is right around the corner?.and we?re already a good ways into the 2007 season!  It?s been great having the team back in DC, and they?re playing great too!  I?m having so much fun seeing many of my fans, friends and kids around the park, and I?m glad everyone is so excited to be at a game.  And just so you know, I love two things?signing autographs and taking pictures, so don?t ever be afraid to stop by and say hello?.just be aware I may try and take your food. 

And I want to remind all you young Nats fans to sign up for the Jr. Nats Club online at!  We have a lot of great deals for you and it?s a lot of fun to be a member?I wish I could join, but they tell me since I work for the team, I can?t.  Oh well, I?ll just hang out with all you members in the mean time!

So, as many of you noticed (thanks for the cards, gummy worms and gifts), I turned 2 years old this past April, and I felt it was time to go through the old mail bag of fan e-mails and letters to answer some of your questions:

Q: What do you do when the team is on the road?
A: Well, I get to have fun!  The Nat Pack, Clint and myself go out and see the town, filming videos for the scoreboard, hang out at the ESPN Zone (I love the virtual reality pitching cage!) for Nat Pack Nights and Viewing Parties and cheer on the team.  Sometimes the Racing Presidents and I just hit the town for some fun and hand out free stuff, which people seem to enjoy;)  But I spend most of my time catching up on sleep, watching the games on TV and on the radio and helping take care of RFK.  The grounds crew let?s me play around on the grass, and I get a great seat for DC United soccer games thanks to my buddy Talon!

Q: What?s your favorite part of being the team mascot?
A: The fact that I not only get to cheer on the team and play around on the field, but seeing all the happy fans in the crowd and making you laugh!  Everybody loves having fun, and I?m glad I get to be a part if it.

Q: What size jersey do you wear?
A: It?s an XXXXL?.the clubhouse has to specialty order it for me so it fits just right.

Q: Who is your favorite mascot friend?
A: My favorite, wow?I don?t know who to pick!  I love getting together with my other Major League Baseball friends for birthday parties, special events and our big ?family reunion?, the All Star Game?I get to fly out to San Francisco this year!  I also love exploring DC with Talon from DC United, Slapshot from the Caps and GWiz from the Wizards?..he?s teaching me how to dunk!

Q: Are you excited to move your nest to the new stadium next year?
A: Yes I am!  I really love RFK?hey, I was hatched here!……but I got a chance to tour the new stadium the other week for a kids day at the park and it looks fantastic!  They showed me all the design plans, took me through the construction site (they had to get a big hard hat for me) and showed me where my next will be next year, and it?s going to be so much fun.  I can?t wait to see the stadium progress and all the new additions that will be there!

Well, that?s all the time I?ve got as we have a game against the Braves so I have to go help the Presidents get ready for the game?.maybe Teddy will finally win one!

And feel free to e-mail me at with pictures, questions or fan mail!  Until next time, go Nats!!!!

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