Boy Are My Wings Tired!

Hey Nats fans!  It?s been a few weeks since my last post, but I haven?t had a chance to get to my computer as I?ve been one busy eagle these past few weeks.  Since my last post we?ve swept the Orioles at Camden Yards, finished off interleague play and I got to slam some cupcakes and cakes in the faces of opposing fans!  Don?t worry, I ordered extra cake so I could have some after the game.

Outside of all the games, I got to travel down to the great state of Texas to visit with my friend Rangers Captain for a mascot party.  My friends Bernie Brewer, Ace, Dinger and Mariner Moose all joined me in Arlington for a few games, some fun and even a music video, which I hope I can post soon.  It was fun to be in a different ballpark, see some fans, hang out with my friends in fur and have some fun!  We got to travel around in style, see the sights, and sing Deep in the Heart of Texas!  And the best part was there were a few Nationals fans at the games who loved seeing me and the crowd went nuts for my trademark split when I was dancing on the dugout.

But I have to cut this post short as my gummy worms are ready and I?ve got to take the field for tonight?s game?and then pack for my big trip out west to San Francisco for the All Star Game!!!!!!  I?ll try and post from the west coast (hey, that rhymes!) and fill you in on all the fun and adventures that I have at the game, Fan Fest and with all my major league friends?..until next time, GO NATS!!!!!


  1. Edward

    See what you can do to help Big Head Teddy Roosevelt finally win a President’s Race.

    And stay away from Mr Met. I warn you, he’s bad news.

    Go Nationals.


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