All Star Game and more!

You?re probably thinking, ?Geeeeee, Screech got lazy and hasn?t been posting on his blog lately?? And to that I?d say no way jose! I?ve been very very busy since my last post right before the All Star Game, and I just have not had a chance to sit down and put something up for you all!
First, let?s go back a few weeks to the end of the series vs the Brewers. The All Star Game was coming up on July 11th and I was ready to fly west, but only after we finished our series on Sunday. Right after the 7th inning stretch, the Nat Pack helped me pack up my blue suitcase and I flew off the dugout, off to head west to meet all my friends in San Fran.

A few hours later I was on the ground, and the fun didn?t stop! I spent one day over at DHL Fan Fest (sadly, I missed the Mascot Home Run Derby a few days earlier, which TC won, and I didn?t get to make up for my poor, poor 2005 showing?I was a new eagle at the time!). I greeted tons of fans from all over the world and even saw some Hall of Famers during the day. I then flew over to the real home run derby at AT&T Park and got a chance to see the entire park, as well as see the field?.from the field. We all got a chance to jump around on the dugouts and then got a great picture of us fur balls in centerfield thanks to hometown fav Lou Seal.


From there it was a bit of relaxation, but then back to the fun as I helped open a new Boys and Girls Club with Willie Mays!!! Then, off to the Pre-Game Party where I took more pictures, danced to Macy Gray and tried some exotic foods?this eagle learned he doesn?t like shrimp. Sadly, no gummy worms were on the menu.


After that, we all got a chance to enjoy a game as a fan, and it was a treat. The game was great, and my buddy D Young was there for the Nationals! I cheered really loud from my seats in left field for him, but once again the NL lost?..and boy, did the AL Mascots rub it in! Next year is our year in NYC, the big apple!

After the trip to San Fran (and yes, I rode a cable car and toured the Golden Gate bridge), it was back to fun times in DC with our series against the Astros and Rockies, and what a series it was, with our boys going 5-2 at home!! I also got a chance to greet fans during the morning around DC as 2008 season tickets went on sale for our new park!! Get yours today!!! After that homestand, it was time for a little R and R for this eagle. I spent some time with Teddy at the National Martime Intelligence Center?s family day, cleaned up my nest, and caught a little DC United soccer to. And to cap it off, I hung out with Pax this past Saturday at the WNBA?s Mystics game?.he?s such a fun panda. But we play 3 games against the Reds, so I?m headed back to the field to help the groundskeepers get the field ready, and maybe a short nap..I?m beat! Until next time, go Nats!!!!!!!!!!

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