Its a New Year!

Well, it?s 2008 and the start of a new year.  And what does the first week of 2008 bring?   Cold weather and then warm spring like temperatures!!  It feels like baseball is right around the corner!!!  The season can?t get here soon enough!

It?s also been a little over 5 months since my last post!  It?s been a whirlwind 4 and half months and suddenly, it is winter, and Spring Training is only a few months away.  But it?s been far too long since I?ve let you know what?s going on here in my life, so lets get to it!

I?ve been one busy eagle over the past few months, as after the All Star Break and throughout August and September we had baseball to play.  The fans were so much fun and for everyone, it was sad to see the season end, and with it, baseball at RFK Stadium.  I?m sure going to miss that place!

But what better way to go out in style then having me fly in to deliver the shovel to the Lerner Family to dig up home plate with Manny Acta! 

And I can?t wait until opening day 2008 as we open new Nationals Park here in DC.  I?ve been stopping by every so often to make sure everything is going well, and now that the grass has been laid down, it looks ready for a game!  You can still buy your season tickets @ so you can join in the fun.  There?s only a few months left before it opens, and it?s going to be one awesome place!  And, my nest is oh-so comfy!

But now the season is done and I miss baseball?  I?ve been keeping busy by flying around the DC area to see Nationals fans and take part in some fun events.  I?ve been helping out the federal government with the Combined Federal Campaign, visiting the Department of the Interior, Department of Energy and other offices!  I?ve also been to a few youngsters? birthday parties and help celebrate the wedding of two big Nationals fans in VA?.I even got a dance with the bride, who was so surprised to see me there!

Well, it?s time to celebrate 2008 with the Presidents, who just one an award? voted them the Best In-Game Promotion of 2007, and it went straight to their heads?.hehehe, a little mascot humor!  And check out to see where I’ll be over the next few weeks with our awesome Winter Tour with players, Manager Manny Acta and more to get fans excited for 2008!  I?ll be back here in a little while to keep you up to date on all the fun, and feel free to write me @!!!


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