Dog Days of Summer

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It’s been quite some time since I’ve last updated my blog, but it’s been a very long August and my wings are tired!  I have lots to update you with since my last post, so prepare to be in for a long one! 

Last month I visited my cousin Slapshot from the Capitals at Kettler Ice Rink.  He and I competed in a shoot out that I ended up losing 2-3.  After all, I’m supposed to lose; he’s the professional hockey mascot!  I told him he’s invited to Nationals Park for some baseball action in which I’m sure I’ll return the favor and kick his butt!  He has yet to accept my invitation!

In early August I flew to Cleveland to celebrate my buddy Slider from the Cleveland Indians’ birthday.  Slider turned 19 that day!  I celebrated his big day along with a whole bunch of other mascot friends from the Cleveland area.  We sang him Happy Birthday on top of the dugout, helped in their racing sausages race (yes, the presidents race is far superior), and played musical chairs.  There was plenty of cake, laughs and silly string throughout the day.  Those guys in Cleveland sure know how to party!


000_0033.jpgA couple of weeks ago I attended the Blood Drive at Nationals Park.  The turnout was truly amazing and it was great to see so many people eager to donate blood!  I tried to donate, but the nurse said eagles don’t have large enough veins.  I was pretty disappointed but was glad to meet so many generous Nats fans.

I also attended the Jr. Broadcasters event at ESPN Zone the other day.  I was a special guest judge!  In the competition there were about 30 different young Nationals fans competing for the chance to join Charlie Slowes and Dave Jageler in the broadcast booth this upcoming Sunday game!  Everybody did a tremendous job commentating clips taken from Nationals games.  Two individuals were lucky enough to win, and I am looking forward to hearing them commentate this weekend!

I was also fortunate enough to make my way down to Pfitzner Stadium, where the Potomac Nationals play, to meet season ticket holders and their annual batting practice dinner.  I was able to meet a lot of die-hard P-Nats fans and even pitched batting practice to a couple of lucky fans!

On August 20th I attended a ceremony in NW in which a brand new park was opened in the center of town.  The park was named after Marvin Gaye and looks like it will be the center of lots of good times for the lucky children in the area.  It was an exciting day for everybody involved.  And especially exciting for me, because I got to play on the monkey bars!

It’s hard to believe, but I know summer is winding down because I had a school appearance the other week.  I greeted hundreds of children entering school for the first time of the 2009-2010 school year.  It was great to see everybody in their “back to school” clothes and eager (and some not eager) to start the new year.  Good luck to everybody back in school, and make sure you earn those good grades!  Your future starts today and it starts with taking school seriously and trying your hardest to earn good grades!

In baseball news, we were able to sign Stephen Strasburg and made Mike Rizzo our permanent general manager.  Your favorite furry friend cannot be happier with the recent acquisitions and is totally optimistic about the future of baseball in Washington DC!


Thanks for reading today, and I’ll be looking for all of you at the Park for the last month of the season.  GO NATIONALS!



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