Looking Back on 2009

The 2009 season has come and gone, and it was definitely one to remember.  For me, highlights of the year include beating the Oriole Bird in a jousting match, stealing peanuts from a vendor to share with the crowd, dumping popcorn all over Braves fans, catching a marlin, and pieing a Mets fan in the face!  I slapped about 53,938 high fives, gave 28,472 hugs, and emptied about 736 cans of silly string.

As far as the team goes, I know that 2010 will be much better.  Our young pitchers were able to get their feet wet with major league experience and will undoubtedly be a force for years to come.  Our offense reached new heights with the additions of Nyjer Morgan and Adam Dunn.  There is no doubt in this eagle’s mind that the future looks bright for our favorite team.  After all, we’re carrying a seven game win streak into next season! 

The final home series of the season was especially exciting for me.  On Tuesday’s game against the Dodgers, our t-shirt giveaway featured yours truly….me!  It was exciting to see so many Nats fans wearing Screech shirts all night.  I felt really important that day as thousands of fans wanted to get a picture with me while wearing their shirt! 

Not to be outdone, Build-a-Bear workshop was kind enough to give 5,000 Screech dolls away on the last Sunday home game of the season.  Once again, it was very humbling to have so many kids carrying miniature me’s around the park that day!   

Winning seven straight games to end the 2009 season was wonderful.  But it’s you, the fans, that deserve the winning streak more than anybody.  From the bottom of this eagle’s heart, thank you all for an amazing year and for your support all season.  I’m already counting down the days until next years home opener!  Until then, look for me around Natstown and in the community, I’ll be sure to give you a big feathery hug!


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