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2010: The Year of the Nat!

What has become a theme of this blog, it’s been a while since my last post.  No, I’m not lazy, I’m just really busy!  I’ll give you a quick update on a few of the fun and exciting adventures I’ve been on recently and then let you know what I expect to see in 2010.

Recently after my last blog post, I was able to help out at “Read for the Record” which was held here at Nationals Park.  Hundreds of people from across Washington DC gathered to

participate in Jumpstart’s 2009 Read for the Record Campaign. The goal was to set the record for the largest one-day shared reading experience ever.  The children and I all read The Hungry Caterpillar and then played all sorts of games on the field.  Hundreds of wild and crazy kids left me exhausted, but what a great time!

I also helped out at our annual Step Out for Diabetes Walk and Potomac Day in Maryland.  John Lannan, Craig Stammen and I all read to the children staying at the Children’s Inn at NIH.  After that, it was Halloween party time!  The rest of my time since my last post consisted of a bunch of birthday visits, turkey deliveries, Christmas parties and hanging out with my buddies George, Tom, Abe and Teddy!                 

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Tomorrow I’m looking forward to showing off my basketball skills again during halftime of the University of Maryland’s women’s game where a bunch of local, less-talented mascots will square off.  This is a halftime I suggest you don’t miss, because I have MVP on my mind!  Remember last year’s Mascot March Madness from FOX?  Yeah, I definitely won that! 


I’m also really excited for our Winter Caravan coming up January 27th through the 30th with Natsfest on January 31st.  I’ll be reunited with all my Nats fans along with a bunch of players that I have desperately missed this offseason.  It will be exciting to make stops in Maryland, Virginia and the District that we never have before.  The week of fun will all culminate at Natsfest on Sunday, January 31st here at the park.  There will be autographs, games, and dancing (by me of course) all around!




Thanks for reading NatsTown.  I’ll be trying to blog a lot more from now on!



Looking Back on 2009

The 2009 season has come and gone, and it was definitely one to remember.  For me, highlights of the year include beating the Oriole Bird in a jousting match, stealing peanuts from a vendor to share with the crowd, dumping popcorn all over Braves fans, catching a marlin, and pieing a Mets fan in the face!  I slapped about 53,938 high fives, gave 28,472 hugs, and emptied about 736 cans of silly string.

As far as the team goes, I know that 2010 will be much better.  Our young pitchers were able to get their feet wet with major league experience and will undoubtedly be a force for years to come.  Our offense reached new heights with the additions of Nyjer Morgan and Adam Dunn.  There is no doubt in this eagle’s mind that the future looks bright for our favorite team.  After all, we’re carrying a seven game win streak into next season! 

The final home series of the season was especially exciting for me.  On Tuesday’s game against the Dodgers, our t-shirt giveaway featured yours truly….me!  It was exciting to see so many Nats fans wearing Screech shirts all night.  I felt really important that day as thousands of fans wanted to get a picture with me while wearing their shirt! 

Not to be outdone, Build-a-Bear workshop was kind enough to give 5,000 Screech dolls away on the last Sunday home game of the season.  Once again, it was very humbling to have so many kids carrying miniature me’s around the park that day!   

Winning seven straight games to end the 2009 season was wonderful.  But it’s you, the fans, that deserve the winning streak more than anybody.  From the bottom of this eagle’s heart, thank you all for an amazing year and for your support all season.  I’m already counting down the days until next years home opener!  Until then, look for me around Natstown and in the community, I’ll be sure to give you a big feathery hug!


Dog Days of Summer

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It’s been quite some time since I’ve last updated my blog, but it’s been a very long August and my wings are tired!  I have lots to update you with since my last post, so prepare to be in for a long one! 

Last month I visited my cousin Slapshot from the Capitals at Kettler Ice Rink.  He and I competed in a shoot out that I ended up losing 2-3.  After all, I’m supposed to lose; he’s the professional hockey mascot!  I told him he’s invited to Nationals Park for some baseball action in which I’m sure I’ll return the favor and kick his butt!  He has yet to accept my invitation!

In early August I flew to Cleveland to celebrate my buddy Slider from the Cleveland Indians’ birthday.  Slider turned 19 that day!  I celebrated his big day along with a whole bunch of other mascot friends from the Cleveland area.  We sang him Happy Birthday on top of the dugout, helped in their racing sausages race (yes, the presidents race is far superior), and played musical chairs.  There was plenty of cake, laughs and silly string throughout the day.  Those guys in Cleveland sure know how to party!


000_0033.jpgA couple of weeks ago I attended the Blood Drive at Nationals Park.  The turnout was truly amazing and it was great to see so many people eager to donate blood!  I tried to donate, but the nurse said eagles don’t have large enough veins.  I was pretty disappointed but was glad to meet so many generous Nats fans.

I also attended the Jr. Broadcasters event at ESPN Zone the other day.  I was a special guest judge!  In the competition there were about 30 different young Nationals fans competing for the chance to join Charlie Slowes and Dave Jageler in the broadcast booth this upcoming Sunday game!  Everybody did a tremendous job commentating clips taken from Nationals games.  Two individuals were lucky enough to win, and I am looking forward to hearing them commentate this weekend!

I was also fortunate enough to make my way down to Pfitzner Stadium, where the Potomac Nationals play, to meet season ticket holders and their annual batting practice dinner.  I was able to meet a lot of die-hard P-Nats fans and even pitched batting practice to a couple of lucky fans!

On August 20th I attended a ceremony in NW in which a brand new park was opened in the center of town.  The park was named after Marvin Gaye and looks like it will be the center of lots of good times for the lucky children in the area.  It was an exciting day for everybody involved.  And especially exciting for me, because I got to play on the monkey bars!

It’s hard to believe, but I know summer is winding down because I had a school appearance the other week.  I greeted hundreds of children entering school for the first time of the 2009-2010 school year.  It was great to see everybody in their “back to school” clothes and eager (and some not eager) to start the new year.  Good luck to everybody back in school, and make sure you earn those good grades!  Your future starts today and it starts with taking school seriously and trying your hardest to earn good grades!

In baseball news, we were able to sign Stephen Strasburg and made Mike Rizzo our permanent general manager.  Your favorite furry friend cannot be happier with the recent acquisitions and is totally optimistic about the future of baseball in Washington DC!


Thanks for reading today, and I’ll be looking for all of you at the Park for the last month of the season.  GO NATIONALS!




It’s been an incredibly busy and super fun week for me. I was able to fly west to St. Louis to hang out with all my mascot buddies from around the league and to support Ryan Zimmerman, our very own all star! The week started off great as I joined Fredbird, Rangers Captain, Pirate Parrot and Stomper at the opening ceremonies of FanFest. Hall of Famer Ozzie Smith cut the ribbon to the entrance of the convention center, and the all star festivities were officially underway!


Soon after the opening ceremony, I participated in the mascot home run derby. I ended up hitting 11 home runs, but I didn’t end up advancing because the Pirate Parrot apparantly eats A LOT of wheaties! My 11 home runs ended up being the second highest home run total by any mascot the whole week. I was dissapointed to not advance, but I was pretty proud of my accomplishments.


The next day I was able to visit a lot of patients at a Childrens Hospital in St. Louis. Visiting hospitals has always been one of my favorite activities. I made a lot of sick childrens’ days by spending my time in their room watching tv, playing with their toys, and stealing their food!

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The following day, right after the MLB Futures game, I joined all my fellow mascots in a relay race on the field. I teamed up with Rangers Captain, Mr. Redlegs, Slider, and Slugger. The first leg of the race was the dizzy bat portion, followed by a hoola hoop contest, followed by a sack race. It was a dizzying experience but I finished with a great time. The team however let me down, and Fredbird’s team ended up winning.

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The next morning I helped kick off the MLB’s 5K and Fun Run. I thought about running in the race…..but only for a split second. I much preferred mingling and high fiving participants at the race start than running for a really really long time!

The week was great fun and it was amazing to see all my buddies again at our yearly reunion. I’m already looking forward to the All Star game in Anaheim next year!

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Summer Time Fun and Nationals Park Attendance Records!

Summer is in full swing and with it has finally come some dry weather!  I’ve been extremely busy around the DC area the past couple of weeks and simply haven’t found the time to update my blog!  With that, I need to catch you all up on my latest adventures.  On June 6th I attended the Global Race for the Cure which is an event to raise awareness of Breast Cancer that took place on the National Mall.  I couldn’t believe my eyes when I arrived at the mall; there were over 55,000 people there!  I was able to meet so many courageous cancer survivors and was happy to help out for such a great cause. 

Recently I attended a “Buzz-A-Thon” in Gaithersburg, Maryland where all proceeds of buzzed hair cuts were donated to the National Children’s Hospital’s Brain Tumor Institute.  This Buzz-A-Thon was set up in the honor of Johnny Holliday’s grandson Jack.  Being at this event, it was wonderful to see the community outreach for people needing of support. 

NatsTown was rocking this weekend as the Red Sox were in town.  Throughout the three game series, we set a Nationals Park attendance record all three nights!  It was great to see Nats fans at the park in full force.  What made the series even better was being on top of “Nats Fans 10” waiving my Curly W flag signaling a hard fought victory!

TEXAS, and More Fun Adventures!

This past weekend I flew south to the great state of Texas where I helped Rangers’ Captain celebrate his birthday!  Once in Texas, I got to meet up with a lot of my friends who came to party as well.  Fredbird, TC Bear, Mariner Moose and Junction Jack were there as well!  The six of us partied hard with plenty of dance-offs, high-fives and hugs to all the fans at the park.  It was great seeing a lot of my buddies again and can’t wait until we all meet up again in St. Louis for All-Star Game!


The other day I visited the Children’s Nationals Medical Center, where I and the umpires from the game that night handed out teddy bears to children at the hospital.  We all know that being in the hospital is never fun, especially as a kid.  Therefore, it felt so great to make all of these children so happy, even for the small amount of time we spent with each child. 


On Saturday I spent my morning at the National Mall where the Global Race for the Cure was taking place.  This event drew 55,000 people from across the world all who gathered to spread awareness and raise funds to battle breast cancer.  I was able to meet some extremely resilient breast cancer survivors and was moved by the amount of people who took part. 


That was my past week, keep checking in as I update you on my future endeavors.  Until next time, GO NATIONALS!!!

Spring is Springing!

The weather has been clearing up lately and that means more play time outside!  I’ve been very busy as of late visiting friends from all over the District.  Since my last post I visited St. Ambrose Catholic school as their “Fun Day” was taking place.  Then I visited my friends from Challenger Baseball at Georgetown Prep where I got to pitch and play the field a bit.  Recently I attended “Bike to Work” day in which I was sure to ride my bike to Nationals Park.  Manny Acta and I stopped by Kimbal Elementary School to stress the importance of reading to elementary school students the other day.  I love to read and I had to share with the school my love of reading.  Recently, when we played Baltimore, the Orioles Bird was in town for a friendly competition at ESPN Zone called “Battle of the Birds.”  At the battle, I was able to defeat the bird in a basketball, football and arm wrestling competition.  And for my great accomplishment, I won the “Golden Birdhouse!”  It’s been a busy few weeks, and I will only get busier.  Next weekend I’ll be in Texas to visit my friend Captain of the Texas Rangers for his birthday party!



Until next time,


Rain Cant Dampen My Birthday Spirit!

This Sunday was my 4th Birthday!  I had Slapshot, G-Wiz, Glory, Lucky, George, Jack, YoUDee, Doc, Testudo and Talon here at Nationals Park to help me celebrate the occasion.  Unfortunately the weather did not cooperate with my plans, but we were able to have a great time regardless.  My buddies and I hung out on the concourse of the Park and were able to greet a bunch of Nationals fans that were hoping for the game to begins.  Later, all my friends presented me with my very own birthday cake!  The cake didn’t last long as we all ate it seconds after it was presented to me.  I think my current tummy ache is still a result of so much cake being eaten!  I hope to have all my friends back to Nationals Park again soon so they can actually witness a game! 


Until next time, Go Nationals!!!



A Rainy Curly W!

The rain couldn’t dampen the spirits of the die-hard Nationals fans at Nationals Park Monday night, as the Nationals were able to record another Curly W!  After a two hour rain delay, Jordan Zimmerman started his first career game and boy am I glad to have him pitching for us.  His control was incredible and he even reached 95 mph on his fast ball!  Jordan’s pitches earned him his first career win in a game that ended shortly after midnight!  The game was wet, and ended early the next morning, but the results were well worth the wait!  I already can’t wait for Jordan’s second career start.


Until next time,



 Finally!  It has seemed like forever, but Opening Day finally came!  It was great to have the Nationals back playing in their home ballpark yesterday, and I was so pumped to be back entertaining Nationals fans.  The day started in the early morning as I was interviewed by a few morning shows.  I showed off the promotional items for opening week to ABC and rode my new segway for FOX 5!  As the game approached in the afternoon I couldn’t contain my excitement.  The air was crisp, the crowd was buzzing, and the atmosphere couldn’t have been better!  The crowd was really easy to excite because everyone was already thrilled to witness baseball again for the first time of the year.  During the game, in between meeting so many great people, I delivered Papa Johns Pizza to some lucky fans, crowned Abe the winner of the day’s presidents race, tossed some t-shirts, and danced my wings off!  I’m so glad that baseball is back, and I can’t wait for the next 80 home games!!!

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