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A Basketball Natural!

Since my last post, I’ve been flying around the District like never before, visiting schools and hospitals and winning mascot basketball tournaments.  Yes that’s right, not only can I play baseball, apparantly I’m a natural at basketball as well.  The other day I entered the “Fox 5 Mascot Madness” tournament that was televised on Fox 5.  At the start of the tournament, I was ranked as the number 2 seed, only behind G-Wiz of the Washington Wizards.  I won my first two rounds and then matched up in the finals with no other than G-Wiz himself.  The crowd at Bethesda’s high school was cheering with excitement for what they new would be an intense matchup.  As predicted, the score was close but I was able to win the matchup 7-3 and took home the trophy!  I couldn’t believe that I had won the championship!  Neither could G-Wiz apparantly as he threw a “cheap-shot” punch at me which I will surely gain revenge on in the future!  Either way, I was very happy to bring the hardware and bragging rights back to Nationals Park!

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March Mania!!!

Hey everyone and thanks for stopping by again!  I can’t even explain how great the month of March has been to me.  I’ve been able to meet so many people for the first time with my new look!  Last week I showed off some of my basketball moves at a Red Cross fundraiser at the Thomas Jefferson Community Center in Arlington and was able to meet some really cool people!  That same day, I visited the George Washington University Hospital for an event called “Kids in the Kitchen” in which volunteers stressed the importance of staying healthy to all you young ones. 


Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Picture 001.jpgThe next day I helped the firefighters of Engine 21 celebrate their 100th anniversary!  The guys provided everybody barbequed lunch and drinks, but I was just fine eating all the gummy worms I packed!  Recently I stopped by Hard Times Cafe in Clarendon where I met with some diners and ate a delicious bowl of chili.  Those guys at Hard Times sure know how to cook!  This weekend was no different as I stayed very busy.  Saturday I was at the University of Virginia where George, Tom, Abe and Teddy raced at a lacrosse game.  The race was close but hometown favorite Tom came out with the victory.  Teddy, of course….lost, however I have a feeling he may be in line for a victory real soon!  Sunday I marched in the Saint Patricks Day Parade with all of the presidents.  I wore a kilt and soon realized how drafty those things actually are!!!  I love parades and itPicture 006.jpg was a great way to celebrate Saint Patricks Day! 


Right after the parade I headed to my good friend G-Wiz’s birthday party at the Verizon Center.  During the Wizards game last night, I was able to catch up with my other buddies, the Oriole Bird, and Slapshot as well.  We all had a great time meeting the Wizards’ fans and wishing G-Wiz a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!  My wings are really tired right, so I’m going to take a quick bird nap.  Look for me in town real soon because I am continuing to be real busy


Hitting up the Town!

It’s been a busy week for me, and boy does that make me happy.  I’ve been running around town so much meeting so many Nationals fans, it’s no wonder I’m skinny now!  On Tuesday I spent my day at the Metro Center and Farragut North metro stops with my fellow Nat Packers to meet with fans and pass out pocket schedules for the upcoming season.  The day was cold, but the thought of baseball made me all warm inside!  I was so happy to receive all sorts of comments on my new, slimmer look!  On Wednesday I visited Modells Sporting Goods store in Bethesda.  That store is like a candy store…..I wanted everything!  I spent a lot of my time checking out some new baseball mitts and bats for the upcoming season and met some Nats fans that stopped by.  Thursday night was a lot of fun because I was able to hang out with my cousin Slapshot at the Verizon Center for the Capitals game against the Maple Leafs.  I helped Slapshot ref a “mites on ice” game that took place during intermission.  Even though the Capitals lost, their fans were great and really appreciated me coming.  After the reffing, I watched some of the game and had a great time “rocking my red!”  Today I spent my day infront of PNC bank in North East DC and had a great time waiving to all the cars that passed! 

Thanks for stopping by my blog again, and look for me in the community these next couple of weeks.  I’ll be out there all the time, these wings don’t stop!


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The New Me!

As I’m sure you’ve all noticed by now, I’ve been doing a lot of growing up lately!  I’ve been getting older (I’m a teenager in bird years), skinnier, and taller and boy am I loving it.  While I was transforming into my new look I’ve been staying out of the public eye.  But today, I was ready to reveal my new self!  This morning I was on the fox 5 morning show where I was on tv!  It was a lot of fun to be on television and boy are those lights in the studio bright!  From there, I was off to the ESPN Zone where we had the official “unveiling” of the new me.  Once there, I danced to a montage of songs infront of a crowd.  The crowd all loved it, and it was at that point that I new everyone would LOVE my new look.  Later today, I was off to the Childrens Hospital where I was able to meet many special children.  It felt great to brighten the days of children who are sick in a hospital.  Look for me to be out in the community a bunch in March and I can’t wait to show you all my new look in person!



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Natsfest and the Caravan

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This weekend was the
first annual Natsfest at Nationals
Park, and boy did I have
a good time.  I’ve been waiting for this
day for so long, and it was great to see Nats fans all over

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the park in the
middle of winter!  The event included
player autograph sessions, clubhouse tours and a special Kids Zone.  I spent most the day in the Kids Zone and there
was so much to do in that room that I didn’t know where to go first!  I “rocked” the crowd after playing some
guitar (hero that is), learned that I really need to practice my tee ball
skills, bounced in one of those huge bounce house thingies, and signed a bunch
of autographs!  After spending most of
the day there, George, Tom, Abe, Teddy and I made our ways over to the Stars
and Stripes club to meet some other fans. 
Before I knew it, the event was pretty much over and everybody headed
home.  Natsfest was so much fun and got
me even more excited for opening day!


The next day I headed
out into DC along with a bunch of the players as part of the Nationals caravan.  The first place we stopped was Amidon-Bowen Elementary
School in SW Washington where
the students were treated to a special assembly.  The players

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handed out red curly “W” hats to
all of the students and stressed the importance of reading.  Next, the players each took turns reading to
the students a Dr. Suess book titled, Oh
The Places You’ll Go
.  After
the book was finished, the principle announced to the students that they were
in for a special treat that would be arriving from behind the curtain on stage
since they were behaved so well.  That
special treat was ME!  I jumped out from
behind the curtain and onto the stage. 
The students were shocked to see me! 
I did my favorite belly dance, much to everyone’s delight, and stayed
around for pictures.  I was thrilled to
see that so many of my friends were enthusiastic about reading, and I knew they’d
all have very bright futures.


After we left Amidon-Bowen
Elementary school, we were off to the
Children’s National
Medical Center.  When we got there the players and I signed
autographs and entertained the children who were staying at the hospital.  I helped a bunch of children color the “Screech
Pictures” they all had and realized most of them could color in the lines
better than I could!  It felt great to
brighten up the days of the children who all needed an extra cheering up.

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Syracuse is Cold!!!

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This past weekend, Teddy
and I took a road trip up to Syracuse.  We visited our triple A affiliate, the
Syracuse Chiefs and attended their Hot Stove dinner.  When we got there, I couldn’t believe my
eyes…..there was snow everywhere!  I
immediately wanted to play in the snow so Teddy and I decided to check out
their beautiful stadium.  Once inside,
the ballpark looked like a winter wonder land. 


I immediately made my first snow angel of the season.  Check it out on the left… I think it came out
great!  After a quick snowball fight,
(which I


clearly won) we were off to the Hot-Stove dinner.  The meals were great and the speakers got me
even more excited for the upcoming season! 
Teddy and I were really impressed by the Chiefs’ facilities and
management.  The next day Teddy and I
headed back to DC and to warmer weather!

Starting the Year off Right!

I hope everybody had a terrific holiday season and a
great New Year!  I’m so excited for 2009
and already can’t wait for opening day. 
I was able to start off 2009 with some volunteering with a bunch of
employees from Nationals
Park.  The Washington Nationals’ Dream foundation
teamed up with Rebuilding Together, a non-profit organization dedicated to
improving the lives of families.  Rebuilding
together hooked us up with Angela who needed a new roof, painting, and many other
repairs to her home.  My friends at the
park who had special plumbing and carpentry skills (not me!) started the
project by re-roofing her home as well as re-storing her front and back
porches.  I was able lend a hand using my
amazing brush skills and helped paint the inside of the house!  The walls and the roof look so much better
now, and it sure feels good to help people in need.  I’ll be looking for all you Screech fans in
the community over the next couple of weeks, and hope to see you all at NatsFest
on January 25th!


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Stay warm,

Christmas is in the Air!!!

Hello again everyone, and it is great to be back
blogging!  I hope you all had a great
turkey day, and if you still have leftovers, I suggest throwing them out!  It sure has been a long time since my last
blog and since then, the Nationals finished their first full season in the beautiful Nats Park, the
Phillies won the World Series (argh!), a presidential election took place, and
most importantly, Teddy ran a marathon!

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The other day, I hung out
with my cousin Slapshot from the Capitals along with other collegiate mascots
and helped him referee a “mites on ice” game during the first intermission of a
Capitals vs Thrashers game.  I was so
impressed in how great the mites played, because take it from me, that ice was
slippery!  I may have lost a few feathers
from slipping and sliding so often!


This past Saturday, John Lannan and I hung out at the ESPN
zone to meet and greet the members of the Boys and Girls club of Greater
Washington.  John handed out Christmas
gifts courtesy of the Washington Nationals to all of the children while I got
my dance on to all the great Christmas music! 
After everyone was finished receiving their gifts and eating lunch, I
was able to play the arcade games with all my new friends in the downstairs
level.  I got to ride some motorcycles,
jet skis, skateboards and go white water rafting….. all the electronic version
of course!  The event was so much
fun and really got me into the Christmas mood! 
I’ll be looking forward to seeing you all in the community in the near
future and happy holidays to everybody! 


Until next time, 


Three Years Old!

It’s amazing how time flies!  Team comes back from being on the road, I turn 3 years old last week and we win another exciting game on a walk-off homerun!!!  It’s crazy.

Yes, your little eagle here turned 3 last week, and boy I’m happy to be growing up!  I spent my birthday watching the team play the Mets in the big apple, then got thinking about food and had some gummy worms and a Ben’s Chilli Dog for dinner.  I spent the rest of the night watching movies in my nest (sadly, I can’t use the 1,000 foot big screen to watch) and playing video games in the Playstation 3 Pavilion all night!  The Presidents surprised me with some gifts and the grounds crew let me run around on the field.  It’s the perfect birthday, and I’m hoping some of my fine furry friends get to celebrate with me before the homestand is over!!!!

I also spent the past couple weeks having fun with fans too!  I entertained some VIPs at the park during dinner in the PNC Diamond Club and then headed over to do some bowling at George Washington University’s campus in the Hippodrome.  Those college kids know how to bowl!

Well, after taking two of three from those Cubbies we’re going up against those Braves again and then the Pirates….I called the Parrot the other day to tell him we’re going to beat them!  He’s one crazy bird!

Until next week, have fun and I’ll see you at the games…free t-shirts tonight and Dmitri Young Bobbleheads this weekend!  Get your tickets now for some fun baseball at!

GO NATS!!!!!!


Opening Week 2008!

There’s nothing better then the sweet smell of freshly cut grass, the sound of the crack of the bat, and the taste of half smokes on the grill!  That means only one thing….Opening Day!

It’s been a whirlwind week everyone as we kicked off baseball in DC for 2008 and at my lovely new nest…I mean the team’s lovely new home, Nationals Park.  It was a packed house of over 40,000 people and many more on ESPN as we beat the Braves with my man Ryan Zimmerman’s bottom-of-the ninth home run to win the game.  For this almost 4 year old eagle, it was one of the most exciting baseball games I had seen.  And, better yet, I was only 30 feet from the President when he threw out the first pitch!  I think we’re best buddies, since he has had me over to his house many times…I flew over for the Easter Egg Roll a few weeks ago, so it was only right to invite him to my house too.

But I’ve been one busy eagle to, as I’ve been flying all over the DC area having fun with fans young and old.  Besides Opening Day of our season, I helped open up little league seasons this past weekend, including my friends at Alexandria Potomac, who just happened to have the best team take a picture with me!

Screech Canada resize.jpg
I also got a chance to help out at the MS Walk in downtown DC this weekend and get a sweet picture at the Canadian Embassy which you can check out below!  They kept saying that my buddy ACE was the better bird up in Toronto, but we’ll see….

Well, it’s back to the field as I get ready for tonight’s game against the Marlins as we continue the homestand until Sunday, and make sure you come get your magnet schedule and car flag this week because they look super cool!  You can always get tickets at or gameday tickets at the box office.

Catch you all next week, and congrats to my fine furry friends Gwiz and Slapshot on their playoffs!

Go Nats!!